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Author Topic: Is something about Dominion more complicated than most games to digitize?  (Read 543 times)

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This is legitimately a question and not a veiled complaint. I am also a casual player and certainly couldn't program anything like this myself, I am just trying to understand.

I have numerous board game apps on my phone and computer that support multiplayer, offline play, may have a campaign mode, and are available at a substantially lower single payment price than a Dominion subscription. Several are even implementations of a deck builder mechanic (Star Realms, Ascension, etc.)

The explanation that makes the most sense to me currently is that because of the failed previous incarnation the market doesn't really support this kind of approach, as much of the initial excitement about a digital Dominion implementation burnt out through the goku/making fun years.

Is there something non-obvious (at least to me) that makes the game technically harder to implement? Or is it just that outside circumstances have made it peculiarly difficult to monetize?