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Author Topic: Feedback suggestion re. email notifications news and free offline mode  (Read 418 times)

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A little miffed to find out yesterday that there was an offer to extend free subscription by six months, however this was not broadcast to users by email. I would have absolutely gone for this and probably added nocturne by now as well. I stopped playing Dominion after the free sub ended and planned to wait for the free offline mode, and as a result did not see the notification or forum re. the offer. Yeah, I could have checked in more often, but who wants to play the basic set only?

Anyway none of this matters. My feeback/ suggestion is:

1) when free offline mode is available, if there is some sort of cutoff period to activate it or something PLEASE EMAIL USERS
2) aside from the above, a monthly update email with what's going on, news, tournaments, etc etc would be good for the whole community.