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Author Topic: The thing to be undone by an Undo request is sometimes unclear  (Read 293 times)

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Yesterday I was playing a league match and my opponent requested an Undo. The last thing in the log was that they had just played a Hunting Party. I asked for clarification in chat, he said he wasn't trying to undo the Hunting Party, I granted the Undo, and he continued with his turn. Technically I still have don't know what he undid, but I would guess something like he hit "End Actions" by mistake.

When an Undo request is made, the decisions to be taken back should be clear. In my particular case, if the log had said something like "opponent ends the Action phase," I would have had all the info I needed. A more general solution that would work for cases where multiple steps are undone would be to list all the decisions that will be undone.

For example:

Requesting 2 undo steps:
* End Actions
* Play Nomad Camp

I'm not sure if it would be better to show the decisions with the latest at top, or bottom; at the bottom matches the order they happen and may be more intuitive. Either way, they could also include the decision number to make the chronology unambiguous:

Requesting 2 undo steps:
Decision 246 - Play Nomad Camp
Decision 247 - End Actions

Then it's clear that they want to undo to the point before they played the Nomad Camp.

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Re: The thing to be undone by an Undo request is sometimes unclear
« Reply #1 on: 30 April 2018, 11:10:52 PM »
Agree. This would be a huge improvement to the Undo system.