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Author Topic: Ultimate Dominion rules document  (Read 431 times)

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Ultimate Dominion rules document
« on: 30 April 2018, 03:17:08 AM »
Hello. I just want to let everybody know about my rules document, which is now updated because of the new editions of Guilds/Cornucopia and Alchemy.

Complete Rules for Dominion and All Its Expansions

"Complete Dominion rules compilation, with all rules from all the rulebooks as well as all online rulings by the game designer.

The aim is a document where you can learn and easily understand how to play Dominion at the same time as everything is included, stated unambiguously, clearly and accurately. I believe this is the only place you can find the complete and correct rules in one place. Also, in this document all official online rulings are presented together with the printed rules seamlessly and in a logical grouping and ordering."