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Author Topic: Balanced opening splits  (Read 76 times)

Offline elliottjf

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Balanced opening splits
« on: 13 May 2018, 11:37:37 PM »
I've seen several games recently (often in my favor) where a mismatched 2/5 3/4 opening split setup an insurmountable advantage, and the game felt almost pointless to play out.

When playing with physical cards, I've found it feels much more fair to balance out opening split for the second and additional players to match the first player's shuffle.

I'd love to see a new table setup option along these lines.

Offline josh bornstein

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Re: Balanced opening splits
« Reply #1 on: 14 May 2018, 04:26:39 AM »
It's something that has been suggested several times.  I certainly would not mind it as an option...but based on the two sites' inaction to date, I think you are not gonna get it.  (At the best; I would guess that it is way down on the list of things to implement.)

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Re: Balanced opening splits
« Reply #2 on: 14 May 2018, 04:44:47 AM »
Won't happen. Donald X. is against it.

I am against this.

I believe, no really, that overall people would have less fun if this were implemented. You personally might have more fun, but well, I have to look at the big picture.

I don't mind whatever variants you play at home. I don't mind if you skip turns with your friend in order to get the same start. It would be a bad option though.