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Author Topic: Legionary + Gold issue (plus a repeat of my past whinings) :-)  (Read 634 times)

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Game 1671040.  Turn 14

Lord Rat plays the Legionary, and then plays coins, including gold.  But I never was asked to discard, which means LR had the Leg. and the gold, but "chose" not to effectuate the attack.

I can think of edge cases where I might not want to make the other player discard: games with Tunnel, "Draw to X cards" type cards, etc.  But for 95% of the cases, we will want to weaken the opponents' hands by making them discard. 

It is probably way too complicated to come up with an algorithm about when to attack in this way and when to not attack.  But if so, then the default should be to attack, of course.  It's better to have LR do the correct move 19 times and screw up 1 time, rather than the exact opposite ratio.  Should be very easy to program.  "If Legionary and gold, always effect the attack."

I still wish 2 other EASY fixes could be done as well.

In game with Dominate (and not Colony in the Victory Cards), LR should Always always always buy Dominate if it has 14 coins and only one buy, rather than the existing, "Ignore Dominate and just buy Province."  Right?

In games with Contraband, LR should not "block off" Gold once Provinces and/or Colonies are being bought.  Here there are more exceptions, but if you have to have a blanket rule, it's stupid to block me from buying more gold when there are only a few Prov/Colonies left in the game, since 99% of the time, that is what people are going for, and in the few exceptions, they are going for Duke/Dutchy, or alternate VP like that...not buying Gold.

Can't we do some of these simple fixes?  It actually makes games not fun when those cards come up in kingdoms.  (LR also seems to buy up about 7 Counterfeits, when that card is in the game, but that's harder for me to figure out an easy fix.)