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Author Topic: Trashing an estate with a bishop only gives 1 VP  (Read 573 times)

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Trashing an estate with a bishop only gives 1 VP
« on: 04 October 2018, 05:38:14 AM »
R plays a Bishop
  R gets +1 Coin.
  R trashes an Estate
  R gets 1 VP.

I believe that the total VP count only had 1 VP added as well

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Re: Trashing an estate with a bishop only gives 1 VP
« Reply #1 on: 04 October 2018, 09:57:33 AM »
Thnaks for reporting the problem, RemcoU!

That the initial, fixed +1 VP from Bishop is not logged at the moment is known and being worked on. But in all those cases that I witnessed (and just checked again), the actual VP gain as shown in your info bar is +2 VP (for an Estate).

I looked at your rated games from the last day, one of them had a Bishop in it (and a Chariot Race). I went through the game log and marked down all the VP tokens you and your opponent *should* get from Bishop and Chariot Race. I got the final VP token count (as shown in the info box) correct for both of you on the first try. If the logging  error was indeed a VP counting error, my count should have gotten at least 3 or 4 VP tokens more for both of you (because you both played a Bishop several times).

So I guess that in this case you erred when thinking that the shown VP count was incorrect. This may have been caused by the fact that the VP counter increases by 1 the moment you play Bishop, then it waits for you to trash a card, and after you do this, increases the VP counter for the appropriate amount a second time. It's easy to forget that the VP counter at the time you consider what to trash is already increased from the pre-Bishop state.

But again, thanks for reporting the problem, the log definitely misses the initial +1VP!