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Author Topic: Make the text RED when opponent's attack trashes a card  (Read 619 times)

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Make the text RED when opponent's attack trashes a card
« on: 21 October 2018, 04:36:19 AM »
Cards like Knights, Rogue, Giant, certain Hexes that trash your cards etc.

If the text line can just be a unique bright shade of red or pink, this would help a lot.

The way it works now, in games with these cards, either:

-You have to play very slowly so you notice when one of these cards trashes something on top of your deck
-Or, you don't notice what card was trashed quickly enough to adapt your strategy. If you don't notice for just one turn, that a unique card was trashed, it may be easily be too late to adapt your strategy before you get enough coins again/before you deck reshuffles.

Whenever these cards are involved, I have to play REALLY slowly as well as squint and look up the log to see if I missed anything, which isn't fun, I know I see a lot of people complaining about time constraints.

I just thought of another solution to this: play a unique sound when one of your cards is trashed. But not when an opponent's card is trashed. The idea is to be made aware when something your opponent does changes something in your deck. The sound could also happen when an opponent causes your to gain something, commonly a curse or copper, that wouldn't hurt.