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Author Topic: more sophisticated way of selecting random cards??  (Read 512 times)

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more sophisticated way of selecting random cards??
« on: 09 November 2018, 10:42:35 PM »
It would be a nice feature if I could have a truly random kingdom, except for...
-Good: Selecting an expansion and being able to force a card from that kingdom to be in the deck.  Ideally, I'd be able to select, say, from 1-3 or 1-4 cards from that kingdom, with all the others being randomly selected from the Dominion universe of cards.
-Even better: being able to do that for 2 or more expansions, maybe also Events.  So, for example, I could set up a game and select (a) "Alchemy: 3 random cards" and also "Nocturn: 2 random cards" and have the rest be totally random. Or (b) "Renaissance: 2 random cards" and Event: 1 random event, and Dark Ages: 3 random cards" [or whatever]

Would this be difficult to code?  Or is this already possible and I am just missing how to do this?

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Re: more sophisticated way of selecting random cards??
« Reply #1 on: 09 November 2018, 10:52:45 PM »
That was part of the (pre-) Renaissance update. When you select Kingdom cards / expansions there are the expansion symbols at the top. Clicking them will add one random card from the respective expansion to the kingdom.
At the bottom you can now select landscapes and whether they should be Events, Landmarks, Projects (or a combination).