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Author Topic: Band of Misfits/Guide  (Read 198 times)

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Band of Misfits/Guide
« on: 09 December 2018, 10:18:35 AM »
Played a Band of Misfits as a Guide.  Sat on my tavern mat the whole game, was not allowed to call it.  Is this expected?  Are cards on the tavern mat in play?  Should be a Guide until it leaves play....

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Re: Band of Misfits/Guide
« Reply #1 on: 09 December 2018, 02:39:46 PM »
Yes, that's correct. The tavern mat is *not* in play, so the Band of Misfit/Guide became a Band of Misfit again, and Band of Misfit has no ability to get itelf out of the tavern mat.

So as a general rule: Using copy cards as reserve card is not advised.

Only realisic exception would be if the +$4 you get from Overloard as Wine Merchant is giving you a big advantage.