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Author Topic: Prince + Border Guard/Horn--how to play, to keep the BG paired with Prince???  (Read 203 times)

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Game: 21798407

Game had Prince and Border Guard (and Patrician).  No other way to get plus actions, so I bought several Princes and planned to marry each with either Border Guard or Patrician, in order to start each turn with that extra action(s).  I did do this, and twice paired Prince with BG.  And quickly added the Horn and Lantern.  But, somehow, the choice I made at the end of each turn in regards to Horn-BG screwed this up.  Is Border Guard a rare exception (ie, not one of those Duration cards that we already know do not play nicely with Prince) of a regular Action card that can waste the Prince effect for the rest of the game?  I am assuming--but am not 100% sure--that things would have worked find, if not for the Horn's effect, yes?

What choice (if any) should a player pick re Horn, in order to keep Border Guard paired with Prince at the end of each turn...to preserve that valuable effect?  Or, is it not possible--in which case, of course, any player with this combo would never accept the opportunity to pick up the Horn.

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It's not possible at the moment, unfortunately. For Border Guard, the game operates under the assumption that it doesn't matter which Border Guard is topdecked, so it chooses one, and that may very well be the one that is attached to Prince. Or that is really a Band of Misfit, etc. So don't pick up the Horn in that case  :(