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Author Topic: use of projects that is not logged  (Read 1290 times)

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use of projects that is not logged
« on: 08 February 2019, 12:16:40 PM »
Some projects don't have the usual (name of project) explanation in the log or other issues:

1) City Gate, Crop Rotation, Piazza at start of turn don't have the explanation in any of their lines. Probably both lines should simply get the (City Gate) etc.

2) Innovation doesn't have any explanation. At least the set aside line should get (Innovation), probably also the play line.

3) Star Chart is not logged at all. It should add a line "puts a card/card name on top. (Star Chart)"

4) Sinister Plot does not log the adding of tokens at all. It should add a line "adds a token to Sinister Plot."

5) Silos adds the explanation to the draw line, but not to the discard line. (Similarly, Pageant only adds it to the getting Coffers line). That might suggest that City Gate et al. should only get the log in the second line? Although it might be a bit confusing to not already have an explanation in the log, when the game doesn't automatically continue between the two lines.

6) Explanations in lines that draw are before the period instead of afterwards (as it should be I believe):
m draws a Copper (Sinister Plot).
m trashes a Hovel. (Sewers)
That affects Road Network, Silos, Sinister Plot.