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Author Topic: possible bug: interaction b/t Haunted Wood and Hovel  (Read 524 times)

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possible bug: interaction b/t Haunted Wood and Hovel
« on: 21 May 2019, 03:09:10 AM »
Other player played HW.  HW says that if I buy a card I put my remaining hand on my deck, in any order I want.  This always seems to work fine in all previous games.

But today I happened to have a hand that contained Hovel.  The language on Hovel allows me to trash Hovel on turns where I buy a Victory card.

I bought a Prov, and was allowed to trash the Hovel.  My question: Why was this allowed?  I would have thought that the rule for HW (immediately arrange remaining cards in any order you want and then place these on your deck) would take precedence over the ability to trash the Hovel.)

In past HW games, I can't think of any other time where I was given the choice to do anything with the cards in my hand once I bought a Victory card--other than arranging my desired order, of course.

The is the very definition of an edge case...it will come up almost never and--frankly--has almost zero impact on any game.  I'm just wondering about the rule and why it is allowing Hovel to be trashed in this situation.

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Re: possible bug: interaction b/t Haunted Wood and Hovel
« Reply #1 on: 21 May 2019, 08:35:27 AM »
Text of Hovel: When you buy a Victory card, you may trash this from your hand.
Text of Haunted Woods: Until your next turn, when any other player buys a card, they put their hand onto their deck in any order. At the start of your next turn: +3 Cards.
[emphasis mine]

Note that both cards trigger in this scenario on the exact same thing: You bought a Province.
There is no formal distinction between both card's effect, both a are triggered effects. Since they both instruct you to do something, you can order them as you want, probably trashing Hovel first.

Again, there is nothing that indicates that Haunted Woods' effect should be treated with any preference over Hovel's. Both are 'on-buy' triggered effects.