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Author Topic: Inheritance and Cultist  (Read 415 times)

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Inheritance and Cultist
« on: 08 August 2019, 03:34:49 AM »
game #29421883 on oregon

I Ferried the cultist pile and I bought one cultist.
I then inherited the cultist pile.
Now when playing the bought cultist, the inherited cultists will not chain with it.
However, the real cultist will chain if I start with an inherited cultist, just not the other way around (and the inherited cultists will not further chain with it)

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Re: Inheritance and Cultist
« Reply #1 on: 08 August 2019, 07:57:03 AM »
That behavior is correct.

The effect of Cultist will allow you to play any card named Cultist. But inherited Estates are not complete copies of the card they inherit. They retain their cost ($2), their name ("Estate") and they are still Victory cards in addition to the types of the inherited card.

That means once a Cultist effect executes, it will not see your inherited Estates (partially mimicking a Cultist) as potential cards to play; the mimicking was not perfect and the important part for the Cultist effect (the name) was not mimmicked.

OTOH, such an inherited Estate does get the ability of Cultist, so, as you noticed, an inherited Estate can start a Cultist chain, it just can't continue it.

Note that similar things happen with Outpost and Crossroads, cards that use their own name to limit the effect they have.