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Author Topic: Colony bug  (Read 394 times)

Offline dacian22

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Colony bug
« on: 18 August 2019, 06:38:57 AM »
I just paid for a one month subscription.  Thought I'd give it a try.  For some reason as I've been playing with bots it ends the game when all Provinces are gone even with colonies on the board.  Is this normal?  I have always thought the game was over when either 3 piles or the largest victory card was gone.

Help? Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere or is it a bug?

Online Ingix

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Re: Colony bug
« Reply #1 on: 18 August 2019, 11:02:09 AM »
Hi dacian22,

the behaviour is correct. When Colonies are in the game emptying that pile is an additional game ending condition, it doesn't replace the "Province ending".

From the Prosperity rulebook:

Prosperity game end: In games using Platinum and Colony, there is an additional way the game can end. At the end of each turn, the game ends if one of these three conditions is met: the Supply pile of Province cards is empty OR any 3 Supply piles are empty (4 piles in a 5-6 playergame) OR the Supply pile of Colony cards is empty.

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Re: Colony bug
« Reply #2 on: 19 August 2019, 01:30:15 AM »
Definitely one of the options I'd like the online game to address.  In my IRL Colony games, we play so that emptying Prov does *not* end the game.  All of us figure that there's no rational reason for that to end the game when there a higher Victory card in the game.

But, on the list of wished-for changes/options, it's pretty far down my own personal list of fixes.  :-)