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Author Topic: Dominion as a Team  (Read 334 times)

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Dominion as a Team
« on: 19 January 2020, 01:01:56 AM »
Team Dominion
I believe this game can be adapted to play as teams.  This could bring a new dimension to tournaments.
Game play proceeds as normal with a few changes:
People across the table from each other are on teams.    When each person at the table has had one turn, that is considered a round.  Dealing of a new hand is only done at the end of a round.
For example, Jeff and Mary are on one team and Zach and Sarah are on another team.
For the first round, play starts with Sarah.  Before she plays an action card, Zach says, “Can I play now?” and Sarah looks at her hand and says, “Yes”.  Zach takes a Village card from his hand and plays it in front of Sarah.  Sarah then does what it says on the Village card (draws a card and has 2 actions).  Sarah plays one of her action cards - Courtyard and draws 3 and puts one back.  Zach again says, “Can I play now?” and Sarah says “No.”  Sarah moves into the buy phase and puts down two gold and a silver and keeps a silver in her hand.  She buys a Province and play passes to Jeff.  Similar things occur on Jeff’s turn with Mary asking “Can I play now?”.  When play passes to Zach, he only has four cards, since he played one for Sarah.  He plays another Village, draws a card, etc.  When he gets to the buy phase, He puts down two silvers.  Sarah then asks “Can I play now?”.  Zach says “Yes”, so she puts down her silver with his silvers and Zach then buys a gold.  After Mary’s similar turn, all players put all the cards in front of them in their discard pile (yes, some cards have changed players at this point), and deal themselves new hands.  Jeff then starts the next round and Sarah ends up going last.
Duration cards like Wharf or Fishing Village still stay in front of the person for whom they were played until that person plays again.
When the game ends, the total Victory points for each team is calculated and the winning team is determined.
Imagine the possibilities!

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Re: Dominion as a Team
« Reply #1 on: 18 April 2020, 02:57:21 AM »
how are attack cards resolved in this variant?