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Author Topic: screen blanks out every 5 minutes  (Read 240 times)

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screen blanks out every 5 minutes
« on: 20 January 2020, 05:28:09 PM »
I'm running on a Dell laptop using an external monitor.  I'm using Windows 10 Pro and Firefox 72.0.1.

Every 5 minutes or so, the screen goes crazy.  It's blacked out with only the outlines of the cards showing and some text.  I can play if I can guess at what is showing.  Zooming and unzooming the screen causes some of the cards to appear, but the background and my hand are still blacked out.  But when I then make a play, it goes back into full-bad-mode.

Everything works fine on my tablet, it's just the PC version that has video problems.

Any ideas?

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Re: screen blanks out every 5 minutes
« Reply #1 on: 20 January 2020, 06:45:35 PM »
Thanks for the report, Paul!

That sounds very strange, no similar reports have been made yet.

The 5 min interval sounds like some screensaving/batterysaving is going on. Does the bahvior only affect the dominion.games site, or other internet pages as well?