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Author Topic: Tower miscounts split piles  (Read 256 times)

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Tower miscounts split piles
« on: 03 May 2020, 12:13:17 PM »
Played a game with tower, and the encampment/plunder pile.

At the end, tower counted encampment cards for points, but did not count plunder cards.

"When scoring, 1VP per non-Victory card you have from an empty Supply pile."

Seems to me plunders count as being from that pile, (and also they are not victory cards, despite using the VP token mechanic).

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Re: Tower miscounts split piles
« Reply #1 on: 03 May 2020, 01:10:04 PM »
I'm assuming you talk about game 42954383. If you load it, you'll see that the points are counted correctly, they are just attributed to the name of the pile, which is the top card's name if it is a split pile.

You had 2 Encampments and 4 Plunders at the end, so the game lists and counts them as "6 Encampments" for you, when it should say "2 Encampments/4 Plunders".