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Author Topic: observation  (Read 78 times)

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« on: 09 May 2020, 07:53:41 AM »
i was playing the other day and noticed something that seems to be wrong. 


2 supply piles are out, the bot plays a poacher card and is ultimately required to discard 2 cards.
This was done correctly.  However, when the bot plays a 2nd poacher card, it has to discard ONLY 1 card.
Assuming that I didn't miscount the cards, and that I correctly understand the card, this is wrong.
Would you look into this?  (I expected the bot to have to discard 2 cards for the 2nd poacher card.)

In any event, I appreciate the site -- keep up the good work.

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Re: observation
« Reply #1 on: 09 May 2020, 08:13:44 AM »
Thanks for the report, RHL-Dominion!

You are right, the bot should discard 2 cards for playing Poacher each time in the given situation. Could it be that the bot simply had only 1 card in hand for the second playing (e.q. it had only the Poacher in hand, played that, drew a card and then discarded that)?

In order to look at the problem, it is very important to have the game number of the game (displayed at the top of the game log or in the chat when the game starts). That's to be able to see the exact circumstances (how many cards in hand, or others) that may explain what happened. If it was a non-rated game vs. a bot, it's very hard to get that number after the game. So if you next notice such a problem, write that game number down and include it in the report.

I'll try to recreate the situation, but since it's likely not a general problem (you said the bot was correctly discarding 2 cards the first time) it's hard to guess what the special situation was that caused the error.