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Author Topic: Possession on possession  (Read 147 times)

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Possession on possession
« on: 12 May 2020, 04:29:46 AM »

I just played a game where we can buy Possession. Costs $6 and 1 Potion to buy.

A player to my left used possession to control my turn. on my turn (Possessed), I draw 2 possessions, he played them.
After that happens, he trashes my colony to buy a colony. After my turn ends, The 2 possessions resolve, but I control those possessions and control the person on the left twice. then my turn ends.

The original player's turn who played the original possession no longer has a turn. He has all 5 blank cards and cannot draw. His turns continue without any actions.

We believe this is a huge bug on Possession. How does multiple possessions interact/Stack/Dependencies resolve?

Please help.

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Re: Possession on possession
« Reply #1 on: 12 May 2020, 10:50:09 AM »
That sounds indeed like a huge bug. Now Possession has a way to mess with the log, which may in turn mess with a player's ability to undo and do other things. So if that happens next time, the affected player should hit "CTRL-R" to reload the page. I can't promise that it will help, but there is a good chance.

In addition, if that happens again, please write down the game number (listed on top of the log and in the chat when the game starts). That makes it much easier to reproduce the problem (which may hinge on something you didn't mention) and thus find the reason and fix it.