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Author Topic: Royal Blacksmith ignores Loan  (Read 214 times)

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Royal Blacksmith ignores Loan
« on: 18 May 2020, 11:42:37 PM »
RE: game #42623990 on ohio

Hello, love the platform, very few issues. In the game referenced above, I purchased a Royal Blacksmith and paid off 4 debt. On the following turn, I drew the Royal Blacksmith and after playing it I had several Loan cards in my hand.  The system seems to have automatically discarded the coppers in my hand and then moved on to the next player without allowing me to opportunity to play the Loan cards--neither to discard or trash drawn treasures, nor to pay down the remaining debt with their value as treasure themselves. The following three turns reflect this sequence:

Turn 4 - idoggeus
i plays 4 Coppers. (+$4)
i buys a Royal Blacksmith.
i takes 1 Debt from the Royal Blacksmith pile.
i gains a Royal Blacksmith.
i repays 4 debt (5 remaining).
i shuffles their deck.
i draws 2 Coppers, an Estate, a Loan and a Royal Blacksmith.

Turn 5 - idoggeus
i plays a Royal Blacksmith.
i draws 2 Coppers, 2 Estates and a Loan.
i reveals 2 Loans, 3 Estates and 4 Coppers.
i discards 4 Coppers.
i shuffles their deck.

Turn 6 - idoggeus
i plays 3 Coppers. (+$3)
i plays a Loan. (+$1)
i reveals a Copper.
i trashes a Copper.
i plays a Loan. (+$1)
i reveals an Estate and a Copper.
i trashes a Copper.
i discards an Estate.
i repays 5 debt.

I suppose it's possible that I somehow accidentally explicitly ended turn 5, but as my entire game strategy was based on the use of those Loans, I hope I was reasonably careful.

Thank you for exploring!!

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Re: Royal Blacksmith ignores Loan
« Reply #1 on: 19 May 2020, 12:00:45 AM »
Thanks for the report, idoggeus.

You are correct that you should be able to play the Loans (or any other Treasures) from your hand.
Loading your game gives an internal error, so there might be something fishy going on, but I can't see what exactly happened. I'll try to recreate the situation and see what happens.