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Author Topic: Things which make the website very hard to use.  (Read 76 times)

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Things which make the website very hard to use.
« on: 21 June 2020, 08:51:02 PM »
These items are just from trying to figure out the interface for the online game. I’ve loved Dominion for years, and only today found the online option. I have not yet gotten to playing the game online– I want to understand how the interface works before I start playing. I’ve found several problematic things, as well as several functions/features which make perfect sense to me & I can’t imagine why they aren’t available. (Or, if they are available, why they are so difficult to find.)
1.   Problem: When I tried to register for these forums, my browser (Firefox) warned me that the connection wasn’t encrypted. Why in the world not?
2.   Problem: Where is the forum search button? This is the least intuitive forum I’ve encountered. My questions might be available somewhere, but I can’t figure out how to navigate the forums to determine if the answers are already provided.
3.   Problem: [“You can also see which of your Friends (or players that you follow) are online here, and join their Table if they have set one up." “If a player has joined your Table that you don’t wish to play with, you can kick them out. "] I want to just play my friend in a private game. Why can’t I lock a table to ONLY allow my friends, or only allow a specifically invited player? It doesn’t make sense that I have to keep kicking random people until my friend is able to join
4.   Problem: I see no option to define my table settings *before* the table is open for random people to jump in. Why? It is counterintuitive to have the settings unavailable prior to opening to other players.
a.   Feature request: It’d would be nice to be able to save table settings, so I could build a deck ahead of time. Then, when I have that ability to directly invite a friend to play, I don’t have to refer to some other list I’ve kept of the cards I’ve chosen for custom decks.
5.   Clarification required: [“Rated games do not respect familiar cards, and will take from all cards that the players are subscribed to."] Does this mean that BOTH players need to have access to the card(s) in play to see those cards available? In the FAQ it says [“When setting up a game with another player, you can use any of the cards that either of you are subscribed to.  So if one player has subscribed to all cards, and another has a free account, they can still play with all the cards together. "] So, which is it?

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Re: Things which make the website very hard to use.
« Reply #1 on: 21 June 2020, 11:21:53 PM »
First, thanks for your comments, WhyIsTheForumUnsecured.

1) The forum wasn't setup with https. Might be doable, not sure if the effect is worth it.

2) You need to be scrolled up, then the search function can be found at the top:

3) Yes, private tables are a widely requested feature. When you come from the perspective of "I only want to play with my friends", then private tables are the obvious choice, and making them open for others is a secondary concern. Here the way was the opposite: Tables are open by default and since you can kick unwanted players, the step to create private tables hasn't yet been done.

4) To me that's very similar to problem 3. A private table that you can later make public would be the solution for this.
4a) You are right, saving Kingdom card lists is again a feature that would make what you want to do easier.

5) It means the pool from which the cards are chosen is the combined set of cards "owned" by all players. That's the standard for every game.
For unrated games respecting Familiar Cards is a table option. Players can declare a set of cards as familiar (like if they own expansions X,Y and Z as physical cards and haven't seen other cards before). When the game respects familiar cards, it will make an exception to the rule above and restrict the pool from which cards are chosen to the cards that are familiar to all players. The first sentence you quoted is stressing that this will not happen in rated games (this is done so players can't "cook" a kingdom by declaring just the 10 cards they want to play with as familiar.)