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Author Topic: cancel instead of force resignation  (Read 94 times)

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cancel instead of force resignation
« on: 20 August 2020, 06:43:14 PM »
I think if a player times out before either has made a move, the game should be canceled, rather than having it count against someone’s rating.

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Re: cancel instead of force resignation
« Reply #1 on: 22 August 2020, 09:36:52 PM »
Why do you feel this way?  Given the hyper-competitive nature of some players, what i am concerned about is:
1. Player X (overly competitive) matches with Player Y (a normal, decent chap)
2. Cards are assigned randomly by the game.
3. X does not like this set.  He refuses to take a turn, thereby (under your system) getting a "free" avoidance of cards that she does not like/is not skilled at playing.

I'll note that your proposal would give a HUGE advantage to the player who gets to go first.  He would have the power to end the game with no penalty, while player #2 would be forced to play with 'bad' cards.
I'll also note that this first player could also force this end-of-game if he did not like his opening hand.  Say, a 5 (or 2 draw) in a kingdom that had no 5-value cards.