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Author Topic: Private Games  (Read 686 times)

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Private Games
« on: 21 August 2020, 05:13:08 AM »
I'm new to this site and was hoping to be able to jump into games with internet strangers. However, most folks are waiting for friends and you're immediately booted from the table. Why not just have private games? It would make it easier to limit games to people you know, and also easier to find games that you can actually join.

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Re: Private Games
« Reply #1 on: 21 August 2020, 09:25:56 AM »
If you want to jump into games with strangers, then joining a table is usually the wrong approach.

Go to the "Matching" tab (the standard tab) and press the "Start Search" button on the left side in the automatch pane. You can adjust some options (rated games or how many players) before if you want. Then you are paired with someone with compatible options. That shouldn't take more than a few seconds.