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Author Topic: Purchased wrong subscription length  (Read 56 times)

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Purchased wrong subscription length
« on: 15 November 2020, 11:00:13 PM »
Hello, I purchased the gold subscription a few hours ago, which in itself was fully intentional.
While checking the receipt just now however, I noticed that the amount charged was way higher than I had anticipated.
After checking I noticed I had accidentally purchased a year-subscription, where I had intended to buy a 3-month one.
Is it possible to get a refund on my year sub so I can buy a 3-month instead?
It would be incredibly appreciated, so thanks in advance!

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Re: Purchased wrong subscription length
« Reply #1 on: 15 November 2020, 11:38:41 PM »
ok, ik heb het teruggestort.

met vriendelijke groet,