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Author Topic: What Happened to 12 Month Subscription?  (Read 210 times)

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What Happened to 12 Month Subscription?
« on: 01 January 2021, 09:22:23 PM »
I just purchased a 9 month subscription. However, I expected and wanted a 12 month subscription but it wasn’t an option. I tried on my iPad a laptop.  I’ve seen it before in the store and am curious what happened to it.

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Re: What Happened to 12 Month Subscription?
« Reply #1 on: 02 January 2021, 12:07:01 AM »
The license (this might not be the correct legal term) for Shuffle iT to make and operate a Dominion program goes until the end of 2021 (IIRC it was initially until end of 2019 and then got extended for 2 more years).

That means a 12 sub month starting today (January 1st, 2021) would reach into a time when it isn't sure if Shuffle iT can provide the program. So it only allows subscriptions that end before that time. In 3 month the 9 month subscription option will vanisch, a.s.o.

If the license is extended again, the longer subs will apear again.