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Author Topic: Wrong calculation of points when player disconects/resigns at the end of game  (Read 70 times)

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I'm sorry for not having the game number, but I have closed the game window before reading on how to report a bug. If there is a way for you to check the games of a player, you can look for the 3 player game that I (flynorc2) was part of at ca. 1 am CET on 12.1.2021. If that is not possible and there is a way for me to get the game number after going back to the dominion homepage please let me know how.

Attached you can see the screenshot from after the game which states "You Tie" even though we did not have the same number of points (48, 30 and 42).
This happened in the following sequence (not sure if that is the only/main reason, but I could imagine it being relevant):
- sometime during the game p2 resigned, and was replaced wit lord rattington
- p3 decided to disconnect after I made 3 piles empty on my last turn, but have not yet done the buys
- after the timeout period game asked if it should force resign p3, I clicked "Yes"
- the result is seen in the screenshot

Hope that helps. If there are any additional clarifications needed please let me know.

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hi flynorc,

thanks for the report, this is indeed a very strange result.

I could find your original game with 3 human players, but unfortunately not (yet) the continuation with the strange result. There is nothing you can do to help now, once you log out the chat (containing the started games) is gone.