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Author Topic: Noble Brigand + Lighthouse  (Read 71 times)

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Noble Brigand + Lighthouse
« on: 03 April 2021, 04:46:56 AM »
When I have a lighthouse in play, it blocks the first noble brigand played, but the second noble brigand played from the same player attacks as if the lighthouse is not in play.

Also, when a noble brigand is gained, the attack succeeds when I have a lighthouse on my mat. This could be because technically the noble brigand is not being "played" to trigger the attack, but rather triggering it when it is gained, and the lighthouse specifies that it blocks attacks from cards "Played" by an opponent.

In the first use case, however, I noticed several times that the second noble brigand played was not blocked as expected.

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Re: Noble Brigand + Lighthouse
« Reply #1 on: 03 April 2021, 09:58:11 AM »
Thanks for the report, cszalaj!

To your second comment: Yes, when sombody gains a Noble Brigand, they are not playing an attack card, so none of the existing "protect me" cards can help against the triggered ability that comes from it.

Your first comment however is also correct: Lighthouse should protect against all Noble Brigands played in a turn, not only against the first. However, when I tried to repeat that scenario, it worked as expected:

Turn 7 - Ingix
Ingix starts their turn.
  Ingix gets +$1.
Ingix plays a Lighthouse.
  Ingix gets +1 Action.
  Ingix gets +$1.
Ingix draws 5 cards.

Turn 8 - Ingix2
Ingix2 plays a Village.
  Ingix2 draws an Estate.
  Ingix2 gets +2 Actions.
Ingix2 plays a Village.
  Ingix2 draws a Noble Brigand.
  Ingix2 gets +2 Actions.
Ingix2 plays a Noble Brigand.
  Ingix2 gets +$1.
Ingix2 plays a Noble Brigand.
  Ingix2 gets +$1.
Ingix2 plays a Silver. (+$2)
Ingix2 buys a Noble Brigand.
  Ingix reveals an Estate and a Copper.
  Ingix discards a Copper and an Estate.
Ingix2 gains a Noble Brigand.

Ingix2 shuffles their deck.
Ingix2 draws 4 Coppers and an Estate.

Ingix2 plays 2 Noble Brigands (in red), and nothing happens to player Ingix, as they are protected by Lighthouse. When Ingix2 finally buys another Noble Brigand (green), the effect goes through and discards 2 cards from Ingix' deck.

I can think of 2 things that happened:

1) Your scenario was more complicated, maybe it was a multiplayer game, or Ways or an Enchantress were involved, a.s.o. Often, new bugs that haven't been found yet are complicated, only coming up in rare scenarios where several things need to happen at once. In that case, it would be very good to have the game number of the game, which means I (or others) can check the actual game where it happened and see if there was something else that affected what happened. Or, to the opposite, find that Lighthouse really should have worked both times, and there is a bug, and then we can find out what exactly are the circumstances, so it will be easier to fix.

2) What you saw was not a player playing 2 Noble Brigands, but playing 1 Noble Brigand (which you were proteced from) and buying another (which you were correctly not proteced from). Again, in this case having the game number makes it easier to verify what happened.

You can find the game number at the very top of the game log, or in your chat when the game started. Depending on how much actual chat happened, you may need to scroll back the chat, but it will be a game created message and in green, so should be easy to find.