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Author Topic: Any hopes for better AI w/ personalities?  (Read 16 times)

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Any hopes for better AI w/ personalities?
« on: Today at 03:24:00 AM »
Hey Devs,

While I'm always hoping developing better AI is something on the docket, something that would mean ALL the world to me is if you guys added a little more variation in their play.  I think the AI is actually competent, for the most part, but what's really annoying when I'm playing vs. multiple AIs is how they clearly all have identical mindsets and thus create, as much as possible, near identical decks from whatever random set of cards the game presents.

My feeble hope of a solution to this is to have an option to give each AI some hidden weighting variables to things like tendencies of gathering treasure, victory cards, having a small deck, or creating long chains.  The idea being in some cases where the AI might in a given situation almost give a treasury and an action card equal weight, the more action oriented AI is at least a little more likely to grab the action card whereas another AI in that same match might be more inclined to snag the treasury card in the same situation.  The end result being that by the end of the game the multiple AI players should have more diversified decks.