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Author Topic: How to report bugs  (Read 545 times)

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How to report bugs
« on: 10 December 2016, 07:40:24 PM »
If you discovered a bug, please describe it in this forum.

Please always include the game number and server.
It's in green in the chat when the game starts, e.g.
"Joining game #62 on frankfurt-test."

If the bug is about the interface, please also include what browser you're using, what computer system, and depending on the nature of the bug maybe a screenshot can help. We don't need this information when it's about cards, card interactions or the game log.

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Re: How to report bugs
« Reply #1 on: 12 December 2016, 10:20:34 AM »
I've made Child Boards for every known bug and put all the yet-found bugs there. In future, please, post your bugs in the board you will find appropriate for it. If you don't know to what board your bug is referred to, don't worry. Post it in "Other bugs" and someone will figure out where to put it.