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Author Topic: Releases  (Read 32102 times)

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Re: Releases
« Reply #75 on: 10 October 2018, 02:36:07 PM »
Version 1.4.1

  • Fixed: Right clicking a card would break down if the game continued and popped up other windows. This could also cause the autoplay-options to be hidden/unclickable.
  • Playing treasures now also logs production of Coin, as does spending Coffers.
  • Fixed: Some treasures would produce other log lines (like Plunder giving you +1VP), but be grouped together anyway in a strange manner. Now such treasures get properly separated from the 'normal' treasures.
  • Fixed: requiring 0 events/landmarks would sometimes give you an event/landmark anyway.
  • Fixed: logging of VP for Bishop
  • Fixed: order of events for Butcher (spending Coffers before gaining)
  • several translation fixes

In the English version of the log we decided to represent Coin production with $, because it's a lot shorter then the word Coin. Hopefully one day we'll put images in the log and use the proper dominion-coin-symbol.