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Don't forget about trashing. You can essentially force them to have a dud hand by trashing all of their good cards. Also, there's Ambassador, Masquerade, etc.
General Discussion / Re: Deck Tracker App
24 August 2017, 09:27:22 PM
markus, I'm pretty sure it's not that app.
General Discussion / Deck Tracker App
23 August 2017, 08:23:21 PM
So, a couple of months ago, I played someone and at the end of the game, in the log it displayed he had a deck tracker. Essentially, he used it several times to keep track of what was in my deck. During the game, he was able to keep this secret. Does anyone know about this? Did the person make this himself? Is something like this floating out there, and if so how many people are using it. I won that game, but I had no notice at all or my permission that he was using this app to track my deck.

I can't remember who the player was. And, I did not say anything at the time because I was not playing Dominion much, but I was kind of surprised that this thing existed.
2017 Championship (archived) / Can We Ban Possession
18 August 2017, 04:25:56 AM
I'm not asking we ban it from the pro board, but maybe this card should be banned from the tournament. Just a thought
2017 Championship (archived) / Re: Rules Discussions
18 August 2017, 04:24:39 AM
Have both players agree not to play possession that game.
Feature Requests / Re: Disable Undo for the game
17 August 2017, 12:08:23 AM
Quote from: kaliopa on 07 August 2017, 09:06:21 PM

I don't like Undo option very much. When playing Dominion in real life with cards it never happened someone asked to go back some step. Everybody are just aware that they should play carefully and not make hasty moves. I understand that sometimes misclick happens because it happens to me as well, but in general people just don't pay attention. Anyway, that is my opinion and I don't ask for Undo nor I ever did, but also don't want to grant it and when I don't people get mad and become rude. I don't want to explain to everybody at the beginning of the game that I'm not going to grant them Undo, so it would be nice to have an option for every player to click on a button that would disable Undo request for the game. In one of the announcements even not granting Undos was characterized as "unfriendly". I don't think it was necessary to label somebody's opinion like this.

Best regards,


Dear Jelena,

I'm sorry, but I disagree with you in a couple of instances, and I will tell you what they are. 1st, if I play Crown, I sometimes do so forgetting to end my action phase. I feel this is a very easy mistake, and I assure you the mistake is not made because I am playing too fast. The 2nd reason is Enchantress. I actually had this come up. I read the log, saw my opponent played Enchantress and went ahead and played a terminal card. It ends up that the Enchantress they played was in response to my Enchantress. I misread the log. I did not play fast. In that instance, my opponent refused me the undo. I personally felt that was very, very, very unsportsmanshiplike because it was obvious what happened.

Yes, mistakes happen because people play too fast, but there are legit mistakes as well, and I think outright refusing undos in the two circumstances I mentioned above are rude. But, that's how I feel.

Also, for the record, irl, you would never tell someone they couldn't play Crown because they failed to announce the end of their action phase, and irl you can see if Enchantress is in play.
Even though Landmarks and Events do show up often the odds of saying any given one are actually pretty rare. Odds of seeing any kingdom card are 1 in 26 games and the odds of a specific Event/Landmark is 1 in 40 games, so if anything, they don't show up enough.
General Discussion / Re: Starting player
15 August 2017, 09:50:27 PM
I like the idea of the lower ranked player going first, but here is how I would execute it.

I would do what Dominion Sparkle does and use an updated ranking after each game. So, if the higher ranked player is still higher ranked, he still goes second. I'm not suggesting doing what Goko did and have the leader board updated after every win/loss, but rather just go off the adjusted data from each game when playing against the same opponent, if that makes sense. Then, at the end of the day, the leader board would be updated again with the new revised rankings.

Honestly, I'm not a fan of pure random first starts, and I do feel a better system needs to be in place.
Card Bugs / Procession and Caravan Guard
27 April 2017, 08:21:26 PM
Game id: 3130949

I play a Procession on Caravan Guard and Procession is back in my deck on the following turn.
1) Most important I want this game to be more accessible to less hardcore players such as myself. So, #1 make it so players don't need the log to play.
2) Better AI
3) Campaigns.

All three of these are ideas I feel are more aimed at the more casual player, and the last two will also help get an offline version off the ground as well.

As a hardcore player, with a couple of things here and there, I am actually pleased with everything overall, but it is not us experienced players that you need to sell, it's those who can walk away at any minute and find another game to invest their time into.