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I just purchased a 9 month subscription. However, I expected and wanted a 12 month subscription but it wasn't an option. I tried on my iPad a laptop.  I've seen it before in the store and am curious what happened to it.
In a recent game, I had Transmogrify on my tavern mat and Crop rotation active/purchased. At the start of a turn, There was a "Crop Rotation" button and a "Transmogrify" button but no continue button. I had to click "Crop Rotation" and not discard a card to get it to appear.
Quote from: markus on 24 November 2017, 03:30:25 PM
I believe that usually the e-mail is confirmed succesfully and the internal error shows up because it is tried to be confirmed again. Can you host games?

Confirmed. I can host games now. Please:

1. Replace the "Confirm" button on my account page with a "verified" or "confirmed" icon so that I can see if my account is confirmed.
2. Better handle when I've double-confirmed my account. An error message other than "Internal error" would be nice. Maybe something like "You've confirmed your account." (i.e. make it look like everything is OK).
I also can't confirm my email account. I keep getting an "Internal error" message and the loading animation, which never goes away. I tried logging out and confirming but got the same behavior.