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I really need to see before and after cards with these changes in text. There are so many cards, it can be hard to follow with it being simplified bit with before & after images.
The way multi-player games list the other players in the game is bad. If you have a 4+ player game you only see 2 of the other players at a time? The old way was much better and this might be a deal breaking change. My group of friends won't want to play anymore on our weekly game night.
General Discussion / Re: Alternative Client - Feedback
30 January 2021, 08:32:34 PM
Ipad issue using chrome. When trying to re-order cards after playing a night watchman, it was impossible to select a card to re-order it. It just zoomed in on the card, or moved the entire field around.
When you first took over the game it was unplayable and I walked away from it, for nearly a year. I came back because I got the Dominion itch again, and I found the game vastly improved and easy to play. I sincerely appreciate the work done to this point and the future plans you have. In lieu of an app, I'll give the game a try on my ipad mini and see how it goes.

TL;DR I gave you a second chance and I'm happy I did. Keep up the good work.