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Hi there,

I realize this post could straddle a few different forums, but figured I'd start with this one since my experience is a bit unusual. I've been a fan of Dominion Online for several years, and enjoyed the chance to play it with friends, especially combined  with Discord.

I am totally blind, and use a program called a screen reader to enjoy the game. I noticed on my latest attempt to play that the game accessibility seems to have faded drastically.

Previously I struggled a bit with certain parts of the interface but was generally able to do most things with a bit of effort. Nowadays it's impossible to even do so much as read the kingdom or tell what cards are in my hand. This is due to a UI change of some kind, but I haven't played enough to definitively say when it happened.

I'm not sure how often the developers read this forum, but I'd hope they might take note and consider accessibility going forward. A big part of the problem I encounter now is that buttons lack accessible names, that is, I can't tell which control is which. I used to be able to do this just fine, more or less, and am not sure what changed.

I would very much appreciate any help with this. At the moment the game is mostly unplayable for me and my friends, most of whom are also blind.

I am happy to go into more technical detail if needed; my day job is in web accessibility, but I am less familiar with how this particular app is put together.

Thanks for your consideration. :)
Feature Requests / Dominion Online and the BLind
17 March 2020, 10:30:20 PM
Hi there,

I'm writing as a totally blind player who has recently discovered DOminion, and is very much enjoying the platform thus far. There are a few fairly simple accessibility fixes which would go a long way towards making the user experience more pleasant. I am a web accessibility consultant by trade, so would be happy to discuss some of these at greater length if it would be helpful.

The number one problem I have is differentiating between the various game areas. Some markup could definitely help, because at the moment the cards are all one lump, and it's only possible to tell with difficulty what's my hand vs discard pile vs the community supply. I did eventually figure it out, but I don't like having to spend brain power on that.

Related to the above, the log could stand to be formatted with headings and such to separate turns. It's annoying to have to go down to the bottom to read what's going on, although without live regions of some kind that would probably be required anyway.

It's hard to tell what cards I'm discarding because there's no obvious indication of their status. Some markup could help here too, just to say "this card is selected."
In general, live regions could be used to convey card plays far more easily than the current log does. It's slow to have to review every turn, especially with multiple players, though technically possible.

These are just my rough observations from a quick game. I enjoyed it despite the accessibility issues, and look forward to more.

I should note that this experience was with GOogle CHrome on Mac, and the experience with other browsers or screen readers is likely somewhat different.

HOpe to hear from anyone if this is a possibility.
Thanks much :)