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General Discussion / Re: Volunteer development?
18 May 2020, 02:03:57 AM
Geez, why the assumption of bad faith, josh?

The work of "being a community manager" and managing contributions of a bunch of strangers to a codebase is significantly different than the work of being a small team and writing a codebase yourself. "Free" help is often worth what you pay for it, unless you put in a bunch of work to shape it into something useful.

I don't think that means "yep, we're done here, no work to do", it means that they don't have a setup internship program and don't think setting one up is a key priority for their company.
Nah, I kind of disagree.

The obvious optimal strategy for the other person is simply to buy nothing until they happen to luck in to and get and $8 hand with the deck they currently have.

Do you really want to encourage that play? Sitting there for shuffle after shuffle being like nope, got $7, gotta pass five more turns for my gold to come around and hopefully collide...

I don't think it was a brain-fart, it was a metagame tradeoff - they're not willing to wait for hours being bored until they get the shuffle luck they need to finish the game, so they risk losing to just get the game over with. Same kind of decision as just resigning if someone is slow-playing you at a rate of one copper per minute. There's no lesson for someone to learn here. I'd have probably done the same, and then blocked the person who did that to me.
Possibly same/similar bug. Game with Chapel, Junk Dealer, and Counterfeit; as far as I can tell bot bought nothing besides those (maybe a silver?)

At one point I played a Pillage and saw he had a hand of one junk dealer and four counterfeits. Over the course of the game he bought 8 counterfeits.

He ended with a deck of nothing but one junk dealer.

Game #40578945 on frankfurt.

Just curious - what's the algorithm used to randomize the kingdom? When there's a bunch of expansions available, does it make it more likey to use multiple cards from the same one (like multiple Alchemy cards so there's more potion-costing things) or just straight random? What about the choices to use colonies or shelters or projects, etc?