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Connection Problems / Unable To Log In
24 October 2021, 04:13:23 PM

I'm a regular Dominion player, I use the site nearly every day, but the last 2+ days, I have been unable to log in - the site brings me to the password screen, it logs in, but I just get the rotating wheel and a message that says 'connected to gameserver'.  If I wait long enough, I do get a version of the site, but am unable to do anything - the site says I need to log in whenever I click on something, and claims I have 0 familiar cards.  I've tried multiple browsers, clearing the cache, and given that I have seen no messages here or on r/dominion about a server-wide outage, the problem seems to be just with me.

EDIT:  Saw the post lower down about this, problem was resolved.  I always wondered about that kick & resign button.