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Card Bugs / Can't discard with sword under Posession
22 February 2023, 01:16:09 AM
I possessed another player. His hand has a Possession--which I don't play, to avoid him Posessing me. I play all the other cards in his hand except the Possession, with Sword (treasure) last. Sword requires that "each other player discards down to 4 in hand". Since I am playing the "other player" under my possession, he no longer has enough cards for me to discard him down to 4. He only has the unplayed Possession in his hand. So the game is in a impasse. I can't discard the "other player" down to 4, and nobody can proceed. See attached screen grab.

Ah, thank you. My subscription just expired. Thank you.
I can't move my cardpool minimum rating above 5. Every time I click the "+" to increase it, or use the mouse to highlight and keyboard in a higher level, it reverts back to 5. I can enter a lower level, like 4, but it won't let me go higher than 5.