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The FAQ says

QuoteI usually play games with my friends. Do they need to buy subscriptions as well?
They do not need to buy subscriptions to play with you. If you create a table and they join your table, they will get to use all of the cards you have subscribed to during games at that table. So if you have a Gold subscription, your friends can play with you using all cards even if they are not subscribers.

I am probably doing something wrong, but whenever I play against my friend, the game only gives us cards from the basic set. I can list purchased cards to be included and then it works, but if I leave the card selection randomized, we end up only with basic cards. What am I missing?
Support / "This username is reserved"
01 January 2017, 03:19:35 AM

I received a message to transfer my account to the new site. It says

As a user of one of the previous implementations, we ask you to sign up using this link.

Your old username Tuuli is reserved for you and can only be used through this link.

However, when I try to use that link and register with my old username Tuuli, I get the message "This username is reserved".

Any advice appreaciated!