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I'm having problems getting the software to work.

The "LOGIN" button simply won't work for me.

Please advise.
Support / Can't Get Into the Game
02 January 2017, 04:12:03 AM
I don't know where you would like this posted, so I'll just start a new thread:

(#1) I didn't get the e-mail initially.  Looked for it everywhere including in Spam.  I tried to create my old account in the new client, but it said my name was "reserved", that's good, but I couldn't sign in.

(#2) Attempted to log into the forum system.  Was told that a verification e-mail was sent.  I looked for it, and it wasn't sent.  Tried to log onto the forum and it had a button to resend the e-mail.  I did that twice and still no verification e-mail, but when looking for it, I noticed that the original e-mail about my old account at Goko had showed up in my "spam" folder dated yesterday.  (IT DEFINITELY WASN'T THERE BEFORE.) Still no confirm e-mail for the forums.

(#3) There were two links to new game (or client, or whatever you want to call it).  One for the URL to the game, the other was a "special" link for those of us who had made purchases from the old game from Goko.  I pushed that button and it came up with the same base graphic as the standard URL, but WITHOUT THE SIGN-IN WINDOW!  i did that a couple of times and found out that the link to the forum worked.

(#4) After pressing that, I decided to check my e-mail again, and I FOUND the confirmation e-mail for this forum system and managed to get logged in.

(5)  I tried Logging in a couple of more times on the standard URL, NO DICE.

(6)  I tried Logging in a couple of more times using the special link,  NO DICE.

I can't play your game because I can't sign in.

PLEASE ADVISE how I should proceed.

Thanks in advance.