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In the end of game report we see two lists

One - the victory points which are listed in descending order of number of points - which is good.

The other the list of cards - what ordering is given here, it appears random - I could understand in order of value or number of cards or alphabetical but it seems to be none of these.
Other Bugs / Undo - allowed to see next card.
24 February 2022, 08:02:05 PM
I had a game (sorry not got the number) where my opponent played Druid and got the card +1 card.

They then realised they should have played another card first and so they undid the druid and it put the extra drawn card back. Now the opponent played their card and then the druid and got the +1 card again so in that case no benefit.

But if the card the card from the druid drew could have provided knowledge for the user to change what they did.

In other words the undo after a druid needs to check what the card is and perhaps require their opponent to approve the undo.

Interface Issues / Undo a sauna trash
27 June 2017, 07:14:24 PM
See turn 8 on game #4726901

I mess up sauna trashes and often hiut the card instead of don't trash etc.
So played one silver then hit silver which trashed it so did an undo
The silver came back and I trashed a copper
Then played the next silver and trashed another copper.

But the screen did not allow me to buy with two silvers and the log shows that that silver was trashed

m plays a Sauna.
m draws a Copper.
m plays a Sauna.
m draws a Sauna.
m plays a Sauna.
m draws a Silver.
m plays a Silver.
m trashes 2 Coppers and a Silver.

I got an Inn by a develop and there were no action cards in the discard pile

The discard pile covers the kingdom so could not pick a card (luckily I could get a silver)

Interface Issues / Version number
21 February 2017, 08:28:01 PM
In the release notes it says "Version number now links to release notes."

Which is great as I wanted to see the release notes.

But where is the version number? It is on the login in screen but now with the keeping of sessipns you don't end up on that screen.

Both changes are good but they don't quite work together
Interface Issues / Messed up buy
02 February 2017, 09:54:10 PM
On game 907656
I got told I could buy for 1 even though I had two golds on the table

We got out of the error by undoing twice

My opponent had being playing slowly and I had chnaged focus to and back from another tab

I would attach a screenshot but if failed security checks

Interface Issues / Notification during turn
12 January 2017, 12:39:06 AM
The screen does not change enough when you have to interact e.g. on you doing a militia (I think this is the correct example)

The black area stays very similar and i don't always notice that I can continue