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Please take a look at this:

Turn 5 - Neha-B
N plays a Haggler.
N gets +$2.
N plays 2 Coppers. (+$2)
N buys a Messenger.
N gains a Harbinger.
N gains a Copper.
W gains a Copper.
N gains a Messenger.
N draws 5 cards.

I think I should have got a Harbinger, but I got a copper. I re-read Messenger and Haggler and came to the conclusion that my thought is correct, so I guess it's a bug?
Card Bugs / Counterfeit a Magic Lamp
11 July 2020, 01:02:40 PM
Dear Stef or maybe Donald?

I am not sure if this is actually a bug or intended. So i counterfeited a magic lamp.

Magic Lamp: When you play this, if there are at least 6 cards that you have exactly 1 copy of in play, trash this. If you do, gain 3 Wishes from their pile.   

Counterfeit: When you play this, you may play a Treasure from your hand twice. If you do, trash that Treasure.
FAQ Counterfeit: If you use Counterfeit to play a Treasure that does something special when you play it (such as another Counterfeit), you will do that thing twice.

I think, it should happen as following:
1) i play counterfeit as my 5th unique card
2) i follow the instructions step by step
3) counterfeit reads:: you may play a treasure [...]
4) i play magic lamp counterfeited
5) magic lamp counts 5 unique cards, plus itself as the sixth card. Three wishes are granted.
6) counterfeit reads:: [...] twice  [...]
7) i play magic lamp again
8) magic lamp counts fife unique cards, plus itself as the sixth card. Three wishes are granted.
9) counterfeit reads: If you do (check: yes i did), trash that Treasure.
10) magic lamp gets trashed, leaving me with five unique cards

Actually, this happened:

W plays a Counterfeit. (+$1)
W gets +1 Buy.
W plays a Magic Lamp. (+$1)
W trashes a Magic Lamp.
Counterfeit can no longer move Magic Lamp (it already moved).
W gets 1 VP from Tomb.
W gains 3 Wishes.
W plays a Magic Lamp again. (+$1)

I understand that the 2nd Magic Lamp did not grant wishes, because it did not count enough unique cards as it already trashed itself. But in my understanding, that is wrong (see above): Magic Lamp should count 6 cards twice, then get trashed.

Am i wrong, or is ShuffleIt wrong? Please, if possible, include a detailed explanation why the lamp is trashed in between.

Best regards,
Card Bugs / Necromancer + Encampement
01 April 2018, 02:23:44 PM
Lets say there is an Encampement in the trash and I play it via Necromancer, but do not show a gold. ShuffleIt lets the Encampement stay in the trash. I think it should move back into the kingdom.

Sequence as i think it should bed:
Necromancer: Play Card from the trash, turn it face down afterwards.
Encampement gets played, does not see a gold and gets set aside. Necromancer tries to turn it face down but looses track. Encampement gets put back on its pile.
Card Bugs / Ghost'ed Prince
15 December 2017, 09:47:35 PM
I am not 100% sure if this is a "Card Bugs" or a "Rules Question" Topic.

Game #9677863
Exorcist -> Ghost, Prince + any princed Card

I (WhiteRabbit1981) played agains Tienz.

I got a Ghost from an Exorcist. In turn 12, I played the Ghost in my night phase. It skipped through my deck until it found a Prince.
In Turn 14, I drew a Chariot Race and some other cards.

In my understanding this should have happened: I play the Prince(1) and set it aside together with a Chariot Race. Then I play the Prince(2), which I cannot set aside because it lost track of itself. As I did not set it aside, there is no effect: The card says IF set aside, THEN another card of 4-or-less is chosen.

Here is what actually happend: I played the Prince(1) and set aside the Chariot Race. Immedately Prince(2) resolved and played the very same Chariot Race.

I was not 100% sure if I maybe had two Chariot Races and accidentally clicked one. But in turn 17, my Ghost found a Prince again. To that time, I had a lot of set aside cards and was able to choose the order. I choosed to play the prince to set aside an Encampement after I was 100% sure that I have one and only one Encampenet in my hand. Prince set it aside and immediately played it.

To my understanding, this is a bug. If I am right, I would nicely ask Stef to remove the game from my and Tienz ranking because my win was not legit.

As I can do a little code myself, I have a wild guess. Ghost happens "at the beginning" of my turn, so in the phase I will now call pre-action. Prince(1) played in pre-action sets aside a card. Prince(2) checks, in the pre-action phase, if a card was set aside and plays it. I understand this could be correct from a programmers view, but in my opinion that is highly counter-intuitive.
I would love to hear the correct ruling from DXV.
Automatch does not start games anymore but creates tables. 2nd Player "ready" gets the message "already starting game".
From what i saw in the table chats, everyone has that problem, not just me.
Feature Requests / "Load old game" without Bot
27 September 2017, 12:13:25 AM
I would like to load an old game and replay a few turns on both sides. Please make an option "play all players yourself", I dont want Bottington do random stuff when i replay a game for academic purpose.
Feature Requests / Reminder if my subscription runs out
27 September 2017, 12:03:44 AM
Dear ShuffleIt,
I am sure you want to earn money from me, and I am more than willing to pay you some! Here is the thing:
My gold subscription ran out like three months ago. Since then I played with a silver subscription, and as more than enough opponents in my reach (45-65) have gold I did not even recognice its missing. So I played three months paying less than what I wanted to pay.
My Request: Make a nice reminder when one runs out of subscription. Maybe a nice box, advertising style, somewhere in the "matching" screen? Like, "Hey, you are running on silver. CLICK HERE to enter the shop and renew your subscription".
I'll buy gold until end of the year now  8)

I will probably be quite alone with this request, but .. make it more expensive! I mean, Spotify is more expensive than this, an all that Spotify does is playing mp3s on "shuffle all"  :o  When I buy for one year, its something like 3,60€ / month. I would pay 5€ / month without batting an eye.
Joining game #5906871 on frankfurt.

Turn 14 - WhiteRabbit1981
W plays a Secret Passage.
W draws a Copper and a Tunnel.
W topdecks a Gold.
W plays a Wishing Well.
W draws a Copper.
W wishes for Gold and finds it.
W plays a Secret Passage.
W draws a Copper and a Province.
W topdecks a Gold.
W plays 4 Coppers.
W buys and gains a Secret Passage.
W shuffles their deck.
W draws 2 Coppers, a Gold and 2 Wishing Wells

I did not topdeck the gold, I've put it to position 2 (so my Wishing Well will hit it 100%). The log should not say "topdeck", as it is not accurate.
Suggestion: say "puts (cardname) into his deck" or even "puts (cardname) into his deck at position (x)"
game #4240905 on frankfurt
Turn 14 - touchit
t plays a Swindler.
W trashes a Duchy.
W gains an Inn.
W looks at 2 Curses, a Copper, 2 Plazas, a Silver, a Prince, 2 Inns, 2 Provinces, a Fortress, a Fortune Teller, 3 Duchies, 3 Swindlers and 2 Pearl Divers.

I am W.
T plays a swindler in his turn and hits one of my duchys. He chooses to replace it with an "Inn". When I gain an Inn, the on-gain effect triggers and a popop with my discard file appears. I do NOT get any buttons, nor a chance to choose any actions. After a few sec, the popup disappears and the game continues.

As I did not manage to hit a 5-card of T with my swindler, I cannot confirm how it looks on the other side. My guess is that T got the buttons to decide about my actions.

My understanding of the rules is that the "on gain" effect doesnt care about which players turn it is - if i gain an "ill gotten gains" due to a swindler, I distribute curses in my opponents turn. So with "Inn", I should be able to choose my action cards to be reshuffled.
Game Log Issues / MISSION spelling error
26 February 2017, 04:40:38 PM
#1531375 Oregon Turn 11
W buys a Mission.
W takes an extra turn after ttheir one.

There is an extra "t" in "their".
Connection Problems / "Good Match" doesnt start
13 February 2017, 09:47:14 AM
using the newest Chrome, Windows 10 and no Plug-Ins.
When i hit "good match", i will get the soundeffect soon but nothing happens. When i "F5" and login after the soundeffect, i am in the game. Starting a game from a table works as usual.
Feature Requests / restricted undo
06 February 2017, 09:53:09 PM
First: I love the undo feature, it makes a LOT of things that much easier.

In a game today, i accidentally typed "/undo 32" instead of "/undo 2". Funny, it worked like a charm. But i hereby request a message box asking something like "do you really want to undo more than two entire turns?" :-)

To restart a game in the same kingdom, i can just "/undo 200" before buying the last province. Would it be much work to have a "replay kingdom" button instead?
Card Bugs / Another Possession Bug (Lost City)
02 February 2017, 06:09:12 PM
#902479 tokyo
i play KC-Possession in turn 15. In Turn P15/2 i let my opponent buy a lost city. As I gain the lost city, my opponent draws an extra card (log says its a copper). In Turn P15/3 i only see 5 cards in my opponents hand to decide, a copper is missing.
Tokyio #374421
my turn 12
I have one Action and play a witch terminal, resulting in 0 actions. Opponent reacts with 3x Caravan Guard.
While i am in my action phase, it displays "0 actions and 1 buy". When i enter the buy phase, it displays "3 actions and 1 buy".
I confirmed this buy /undo and checking again.
Would love to check if i really get the actions (buy buying Villa, or with the diadem price) or if it is only a display bug.
Game Log Issues / Counting House
15 January 2017, 10:50:56 PM
Sorry i dont have the game number anymore.

Counting house says something like "X takes a copper and 5 other cards" in the log. I understand that in real life dominion you can only see the top card taken / discarded and appreciate the high correctness of this in the log, but in the edge case of counting house it should read "X takes 6 copper". I have the information that my opponent only took copper, because in the real life game he has to show me that he only took copper from his discard.
Game Log Issues / Battlefield
15 January 2017, 10:48:47 PM
#374421 tokyo
in turn 15 npastels bought a province and a storeroom. Log says:

N buys and gains a Province.
N takes 2 VP from Battlefield.
N buys and gains a Province and a Storeroom.

that reads as if he got two provinces.