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Anybody here willing to put up with a noob?  One of my personality quirks is that I have a terrible, irrational fear of playing online competitive strategy games with live people and I'm also paranoid that people will get upset with me or belittle me for noobish play.  :o

If you're willing to put up with a slower player and willing to provide some friendly advice at the end of the game then I'd like to be your friend and play with you.

My in-game handle is limbo696.

I like to play with the full card set but I'm not familiar with all of the cards so I take extra time at the beginning of the game.  I may need to get clarification on how an unfamiliar card plays.  I own two of the Dominion sets (Base and Seaside) and have about 40 bot games under my belt, so I'm not strictly a noob, but I do play relatively slow and am not very strong.


AI bugs / Bots using Gladiator & Royal Seal
09 February 2017, 08:53:14 AM
Well, I'm not sure if I should report these reaction issues but here are a couple I encountered from my last bot game:

Gladiator:  Bots do not react with a matching card existing in their hand to successfully block.  (Also, when playing a gladiator, bots do not always choose the most uncommon card—-frequently choose copper.)

Royal Seal: Bots never top deck bought cards like Gold.
AI bugs / Tournament broken
08 February 2017, 06:42:24 PM
The AI does not seem to complete actions involving the Tournament card.  It does not buy a Prize with a Province in hand (see below).  It also does not seem to reveal Provinces to inhibit other player's Tournament plays.  In general, it fails to reveal Provinces.  (It also tends to buy too many Tournaments which is a different issue.)

Turn 17 - Revenge Witch
R draws 2 Coppers, 2 Provinces and a Tournament.
Turn 18 - Revenge Witch
R plays a Tournament.
R draws a Wild Hunt.
R plays a Wild Hunt.
R draws a Copper and 2 Tournaments.
R plays 3 Coppers.
R buys and gains a Silver.
R draws 2 Coppers, a Province and 2 Tournaments.

No cards were discarded or trashed previously before Turn 18 by Revenge Witch.  It also discarded the Province following Turn 18 nullifying the power of the Tournament cards.