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Lord Rattington:
Province: quantity 2, points 12
Miserable: quantity 0, points 0
Twice Miserable: quantity 1, points -4

So the total is right, but it's a bit strange to include Miserable here.
When gaining a Harem in an Aqueduct game, I get asked whether I want to move the vp from harem to aqueduct before or after taking the points from the aqueduct. Now, I believe this is only ever relevant for defiled shrine/aqueduct/crown games (isn't it the only way to have vps on a kingdom treasure?).
So, maybe don't ask unless there are points on the relevant pile?
And anyway, I can't think of any edge case where I wouldn't want to take the points. :)

I suspect that this was the Emporium that I drew with the Patrician, but I'm not sure.
The previously played Emporia looked fine.
General Discussion / Offensive Usernames
01 June 2017, 09:54:51 AM
What is the policy for dealing with players with offensive usernames? I just got matched with somebody with a rude username and I think that if not banned these players should be forced to have their names changed.

Not naming anybody, but I'll just say that there are 4 instances of Fuck, 3 of Dick, and 1 each of Bitch and Cunt in the leaderboard.
Don't want to whine or anything, but the world would be slightly better without these usernames.