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Card Bugs / Populate gave me Fortune
22 June 2023, 06:38:10 PM
Hi, I was playing in game #125298969 and twice I received a Fortune when buying Populate (in turns 8 and 9, I believe, maybe 9 and 10) even though it is a treasure.

I assume that is a bug?
Bug Reports / Scepter / Falconer (reaction)
10 May 2023, 06:43:21 PM
In game #122727906 on oregon, turn 12, my opponent (milkman) played a Scepter for which they chose to play a Falconer, even though they hadn't played one that turn. I on the other hand had played a Falconer that turn as a reaction to one of their gains.

Unless I very much misinterpreted the card, I believe this is a bug in the system.