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Support / Client is very slow
16 July 2024, 05:22:51 PM
The client is very slow for me for things outside of a game. When first loading, the log in button does not work for close to a minute. Similar wait times when first connecting to a game and returning to the main page after leaving a game. Incognito window fixes this, but I've already cleared my cookies and still have the same problem.
Card Bugs / Friendly + Villa
29 March 2023, 01:11:46 AM
Friendly + Villa allows you to gain a Villa, then use the one gained to hand to discard for Friendly a second time.

Game 120010544

Card Bugs / City-State with Galleria
18 May 2022, 01:42:52 AM
Gaining and playing a Galleria via City-State when Galleria costs 3 does not grant a +Buy. My understanding is that it should, similar to Livery + Innovation gaining a Horse.
Ghost plays Hireling at the start of the turn, but the doubled Hireling effect giving +2 cards does not take effect until the next turn. According to the wiki, effects that play Hireling at the start of turn (such as Prince or Summon) should cause Hireling immediately to draw a card.