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Interface Issues / Interface bug with warlord
25 April 2022, 05:02:55 AM
Game 99906775, turn 19. Player can only play the Archer, cannot play the other cards.

I suspect this is a glitch with the Warlord card, but I honestly have no clue.

Noticed earlier where treasures were a problem, but autoplay could be used instead of explicitly clicking on the treasures.

In this case, however, most actions (despite having the green border) are unplayable.
I believe this is game: 62088966 on oregon, penultimate turn.

I possessed the computer player. As I clicked the end button, I was notified of the game loss (as per usual, ahead of the animations for the computer player's turn).

The browser seems stuck at the clean-up phase (I can view cards, but cannot scroll the log).

Card Bugs / Citadel + Crown (as treasure) doubles
07 March 2020, 11:56:30 PM
game #36696925 on frankfurt

Turn 10. Citadel already in effect.
Player chose "Crown", intended as a treasure, effect was doubled, despite that it was played as a treasure.

AI bugs / Trashing Provinces with a Chapel?
07 March 2020, 01:14:21 AM
Lord Rattington chapeled 2 provinces on game 36654304 on oregon, turn 12.

This game had no landmarks or VP chits and seemingly no reason to chapel provinces.