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Bug Reports / Freeze after Bot playing Fortune
31 January 2024, 02:48:18 AM
Revenge Witch froze, going back then playing again did not help...

Game #138065490
Bug Reports / Animal Fair with Haunted Woods
31 January 2024, 02:44:50 AM
Either there is a bug which incorrectly activates the Haunted Woods "top-decking attack" after Gaining an Animal Fair by Trashing an Action, or, the wording on Animal Fair should be changed to "Instead of paying this card's cost, you may buy it by trashing an Action card from your hand."  Or maybe "by trashing an Action card from your hand during the Buy phase".      I assume one of the latter, since trashing to gain an Animal Fair uses up a Buy.  (As written, you should also gain an Animal Fair when you trash a Treasure Map during the Action Phase.)
AI bugs / LordR froze game
15 November 2023, 08:06:53 PM

Disconnected and reconnected, rewound and replayed, same result.
Support / Bot AI improvements?
03 February 2023, 02:41:24 AM
Why have there seemingly been none for a very long time?
I get it that Bot AI is super complicated, but there are so many simple improvements that could be made.
I'm sure there are a ton of great ideas that are simple, maybe they've already been posted.
I often just cancel a bot game when I see a certain card, because it will be a wasted game, eg. Counterfeit or Tournament.

1. Add a Big Money bot
2. Bots should either never buy Counterfeit, because they always buy as many as they can then they trash all their treasure, or set some basic rules.
3. Bots always buy multiple Tournaments but then never take the Prize.
4. Do bots ever buy Events, Projects, use Ways, or do any calculations with Landmarks?
   maybe pick a couple powerful ones and implement some very basic algorithms
5. Bots seem to buy a Potion whenever they are available even if they don't buy the associated Alchemy card.
6. Bots often buy a Remake or 2 then trash their whole deck.  Also limit the # of Junk Dealers.
7. Jack of All Trades is strong, but is buying 4 of them optimal?
8. They buy one or two Flag Bearers then give up, do they ever trash Flag Bearers?
9. Limit the number of Vault, Bandit Camp, probably others that it never stops buying
10 Does bot ever purchase the discounted Wayfarer or Peddler
11 Maybe just a couple simple times when the Bot will buy 1 Kings Court or Throne Room?
General Discussion / Kingdom Options saveable?
27 November 2022, 08:57:35 PM
Is there an option to save a preferred "Kingdom Setup"?  Or more that one.  I like to have one of each Event, Way, Project, Landmark, and it would be nice if that could be saved.

And why can't the Banned/Dislike card lists be bigger?  There are more than 5 cards that completely destroy a 4 player game and make it unplayable lasting hours with so many responses needed.
A great feature would be multiple Banned lists that could be used based on number of players in a game, as well as a rated or unrated game.
AI bugs / Inheritance + Clerk doesn't work
30 July 2022, 04:39:56 AM
Searched and couldn't find this as already reported.  No option to play the "Estate/Clerk" from hand at the start of the turn. Seems to me the Start of the turn is a part of the turn, so it should be playable.
Bot played secret passage and got stuck.
Clicking on the Login button isn't doing anything, as if it's not even a button.
In both Safari and Chrome.

Worked fine yesterday in both.

Version 98.0.4758.102

Version 15.3 (17612.
Feature Requests / 4 requests
29 April 2020, 07:14:35 AM
I know a couple of these are not part of the original rules, but they are easily implemented with the physical game and are used frequently.  Would be great to have them as options online.

1. An option to select from a list of the "Recommended Sets" from the rule books, and have it populate the selected kingdom cards.
2. Ability to select starting card set ups of 5&2, 3&4, or random.
3. An option that would allow player(s) to take another turn after the game would normally have ended, if they have had less turns.
4. A "selected kingdom cards" replay option, button that allows you to play the same setup again (when it was generated randomly).