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Feature Requests / Game's history
20 May 2023, 09:15:46 PM
This feature may have been asked by a lot of people but I think now it would be nice to develop this one.
It could be on the lobby menu to view all my games played with the possibility to reload the game for a review.
Interface Issues / Internal error
23 October 2017, 03:26:11 PM
My last game seems to put me in black hole.

Now when I try to connect on, I have a windo "Internal Erroor" wich is displayed just after the login window appeared. And nothing happens, so I am blocked.

Please help me !
It's nice to see the deck in the log tab at the end of the game but why erase all the log ?
I think you could let the entire log and just add deck contain at the end or create tab like during the game with Trash.
Or, better, you have to give an easy way to find the log of a game when it is finsished. May be by give a tab in the main lobby with "My Games" where I can found all my games and review them.
Interface Issues / Problem in Ordering cards
13 August 2017, 07:25:29 AM
I play a lot of game on my computer with never seen this problem, but while my holidays I only took my Microsoft Surface Tablet with me ( never played with it before). And with this Tablet, I can't choose to change the ordering cards with all cards needed it (cartograph, apothicary, wandering minstrel, patrol, .....)
The problem exist under chrome and firefox.
Other Bugs / We need an "Offer Tie" Button
01 August 2017, 08:22:07 AM
In game #5623879, a possession game with donate, I decide turn (I don't know) when I have 3 farm village and two possession to buy a donate to erase all my card except a province the farm village and the possession.
A few turn later my opponent do the same thing.
So we were in the case or the game cannot finish.

So no one can say I win and no one accept to say I loose.

A button "Offer Tie" or Pat (like in chess) would be the solution.

in the game #5521956, turn 17, I had a lighthouse from turn 16 and my first action was to play a lighthouse. After that in the turn I played some action include 2 schemes.

During the cleaning I would like to put top deck the lighthouse from turn 16 and a goons played in tuen 17. For the goons, no problem, but for the scheme....
The two scheme from turn 16 and turn 17 was one over the other. so I click on it but when my turn was finished the log indicate :
E topdecks a Goons.
E draws a Lookout, a Goons, a Scheme and 2 Bakers.

I suppose that scheme consider I click on the lighthouse from turn 17 and not those from turn 16, but the two where at the same place.
You have to consider that the player is not making an error at this point.

Full log of turn 17 :
Turn 17 - Emeric
E starts their turn.
E gets +1 Coin (Lighthouse).
E plays a Lighthouse.
E plays a Scheme.
E draws a Scheme.
E plays a Scheme.
E draws a Baker.
E plays a Scheme.
E draws an Estate.
E plays a Baker.
E draws a Baker.
E plays a Baker.
E draws a Copper.
E plays a Goons.
O discards an Estate and a Scheme.
E plays a Platinum and a Copper.
E buys a Colony.
E gets 1 VP from Goons.
E gains a Colony.
E topdecks a Goons.
E draws a Lookout, a Goons, a Scheme and 2 Bakers.
Interface Issues / I can't play anymore
14 July 2017, 09:40:19 PM
since a few minutes I am in a dark hole ! My opponent left the table and the "make my opponent resign" never appear. So after a few minutes I try to disconnect and reconnect. When this appear my opponent name was replace by "UNKNOWN_1674". And i can't do anything. If I resign nothing happened and when I try to disconnect and reconnect I am back in this black hole game !

Info on the game :
Emeric reconnected.
Joining game #5162056 on frankfurt.

Help me please !
Card Bugs / Mountain pass in last turn
12 February 2017, 11:32:50 PM

in game #1182660 I bought the first province in my last turn where 3 pile was already empty and there was a mountain pass. The mountain pass couldn't change the score but I think it have to be played and it wasn't.

After a first game against a human player, I decide to say I am ready for another one,and while I decide to click on ready and I really click on ready if the other player quit the game, a match against "Lord Rattington" start ! It is boring, a confirmation here is needed.
Other Bugs / A rule or a bug
09 January 2017, 03:48:17 PM

in game #204019 in Schneizel's turn 21 there was at a moment 3 empty pile but at the end of his turn only 2 (an encampment set aside during his turn go back in the supply). The game haven't finished and with one more turn I won the game.

I am not sur about the rule if the game has to end after his turn 21 because at a moment there was 3 empty pile (so it was a bug) or if the behaviour was correct with an other turn for me.
Interface Issues / Switching game during a game
02 January 2017, 11:27:18 PM
I was Playing a game against (game #23086) and in the middle of my game My screen switch to another game #23179 against tacitu777. say in chat I was always in the other game but me I saw the chat of as he was a spectator of this new game.
In game #21910, at turn 11, I had Royal Carriage in my tavern and after playing a small castle, wich I trashed, I hope to replay it by calling my royal carriage but the choice was not proposed to me.
Interface Issues / Quick Game is not totaly random
02 January 2017, 12:34:31 PM

Using the quick game function, twice in a row (and it was same thing yesterday) , games #16060 and #16123, 9 of the 10 cards of the supply are from the base set.
General Discussion / Quick Game versus Good Game
01 January 2017, 04:16:26 PM

in the match making tab what is the difference beetween good game and quick game ?
And wich set is supposed to be use ? I just make a game  #6428 where 9 of the 10 pile was from base set. It is so unbelievable.
Card Bugs / Warrior failed to attack
31 December 2016, 09:49:13 AM
In game 889, the first time I used a Warrior it works correctly :
Turn 7 - Emeric
E plays a Page.
E plays a Warrior.
L discards a Silver and a Province.
L trashes a Silver.
E calls a Royal Carriage.
E plays a Warrior again.
L discards a Copper.
L shuffles their deck.
L discards a Copper.

But after a few turn in this same game it didn't attack anymore. For Info I have played a Champion but not my opponent.
Turn 15 - Emeric
E plays a Royal Carriage.
E puts a Royal Carriage on their Tavern mat.
E plays a Sage.
E reveals a Cartographer.
E puts a Cartographer into their hand.
E plays a Cartographer.
E draws a Silver.
E shuffles their deck.
E looks at 2 Golds, a Province and a Sage.
E discards a Province.
E topdecks 2 Golds and a Sage.
E plays a Cartographer.
E draws a Gold.
E shuffles their deck.
E looks at a Silver, a Gold, a Province and a Sage.
E discards a Province.
E topdecks a Silver, a Gold and a Sage.
E plays a Warrior.
E draws a Gold and a Sage.
E calls a Royal Carriage.
E plays a Warrior again.
E shuffles their deck.
E draws a Silver and a Province.
Interface Issues / Game end and it's frozen
30 December 2016, 09:27:04 PM

in game #577, at the en of the game I have seen the result screen one micro second and the screen go back to the play area where I ve seen "lord Rattington" play hi move where he bought the last province and it's frozen with the warning  "Waiting for Lord Rattington"

Undo doesn't work (probably because game is finished).
Resign button seems to put the status of the game in a strange state. I have to close the window after clicking on resign.
Other Bugs / [SOLVED] "Make you opponent resign"
29 December 2016, 07:16:33 PM
Suddenly in the game #7, the alert "Make your opponent resign" appear on the screen (I was playing againt Lord Rattington). Clicking Yes make him resign. But Why this alert appear in the game (it was during my turn and it was a long turn so no activity for the bot, may be a clue).
Interface Issues / Onclick Info and too much choice
29 December 2016, 09:39:26 AM
In game #493, I buy a "Donate" with an huge deck and I can't see the number of selected cards. I think this visual bug is not specific to "Donate".
it's +2VP and not +1VP (it works correctly, it's just card text problem)
Card Bugs / Bug after a possession turn
27 December 2016, 11:34:51 AM
In game #6022 Turn 12.
After I played a possession, my opponent (Lord Rattington) play is turn correctly and just after at the star of my turn where I had a dungeon to resolve, the message said "Waiting for Lord Rattington" and I can't do anything.
I have to resign.