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Card Bugs / Possession - Kings Loot - Spell Scroll
05 September 2023, 05:58:48 PM
Game #129711317

I was playing possession, played a King's Cache on a Spell Scroll and the game froze. Seemed like it was waiting for me to play the Coven I was trying to Spell Scroll, but I was playing Possession and couldn't play the Coven.

Just curious... when I've been matched with a player and I've hit the "Start Game" button but the other player hasn't, what's the penalty for resigning?

I ask because I've noticed that maybe 1 out of every 5 or 7 games (anecdotal evidence only) I have to wait for a minute or two after I click to start the game before the cards are dealt. I assume it's someone that has walked away from their computer after starting a search for a game and we get matched and then I have to wait for them to start that first hand.

This is very different from a player having to read or review the cards before a game begins...

Help? Thanks!